Thursday, August 30, 2012

July to August creations!

Hello!  Hurricane Isaac crawled through my area yesterday, therefore today I have the day off!  However, after over 24 hours without power, I am ready to go back to work tomorrow!  Although it has been nice to have time to craft and catch up on my graduate school reading assignments, I really like my normal schedule!  The good part about having the day off is that I actually have time to post my latest creations! 

PS.  I am still working on my lack of photography skills!

This one was for Drew and Lisa who got married earlier this summer! 

 This card was for my mentor teacher from student teaching.  I was only with Mrs. Lamonte for a month and a half, but I learned so much about teaching that will help me!

These went to my good friends that graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University!

This one is for my man of course!  I had fun putting layer after layer of embossing powder onto the heart, then while it was wet I stamped the words and left the stamp in until it dried.  I love the result, of course as usual the picture doesn't show how cool it turned out!
This one went to my super sweet great aunt in Alabama, Aunt Norma Jean.  She is so sweet and sends me encouraging notes, and I have a lot of fun making cards to send back!

This one went to my man too, isn't he a lucky guy lol!  I got this paper and just had to try it out, then I had fun playing with the hearts that I found in my drawer while moving to my new room!
 Hopefully soon I will get to post some of the wire wrapped jewelry I've been learning how to make!  It is a lot of fun, but very tedious!