Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Latest Creations!

I'm officially done with 3 semesters of Grad school now and I'm half way to the finish line!  I'm happy to be on a break, but I do love school :).  In other news, I got engaged on Mother's Day a few months ago!  I'm so excited that I can finally call Allen my Fiance!!!!!!  Well enough with the chat, here is what I've been up to making lately :)

decorative bags for a lingerie shower in January

the 3 pictures above are my first every baby gift to make!  I had so much fun making the hat, blanket, and card for Jenna Claire who was born in the end of January!

Birthday cards for everyone!

This card I made because I was playing with a new butterfly punch.

 This set was a lot of fun to make because the butterflies are embossed with glitter trapped in it!

This thank you card went to the very nice Carnival worker that cleaned our Cabin on the cruise ship for 7 days and put extra chocolate mints on our pillows!

This is a copy cat card that I made after taking an online card class about using Patterned Paper in cool ways.  I sent this one to my sweet Aunt Norma Jean that lives in Alabama.

This is another card that I made after seeing one like it on Pinterest.  It was a lot harder to make than it looks in the picture!  This one went to my Fiance's best friend and his wife!
I made this card for fun to try out some new stamps, paper, and washi tape I bought a few months ago.  It has no home yet, but I love the colors and bold patterned paper!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my creations!